moAuthenticity is not a destination but a journey of deep self-discovery. Being authentic means coming from a real place within where our actions and words are congruent with our beliefs and values. At its root, authenticity requires self-knowledge and self-awareness. It allows us to connect deeply with others as it requires us to be transparent and vulnerable. Authentic people accept their strengths and weaknesses.

They are connected to their values and desires and act deliberately in ways that are consistent with those qualities.  True authenticity is being ourselves and not an imitation of what we think we should be.

To create an authentic life we need to redefine our values, keep an open mind, develop a growth mindset and fully embrace vulnerability. We need to eschew inauthenticity, which is characterized by feelings of fraudulence, deception, self-consciousness, and the feeling that we need to keep up appearances.

Living authentically is not stagnant: it is constantly shifting and taking on new forms. If we truly believe in living an authentic life, then we must continually be learning about ourselves, challenging old beliefs and sorting through our baggage. We must face our fears and doubts, and reach deeply within ourselves to find out what makes our heart sing and our spirit soar. Authenticity is finding where our authentic self feels the most alive, free and unburdened — and then having the courage to live from this place.

We all have a unique gift or talent and we must find it and work on it, as it will give us the greatest platform to be who we must be and as such serve humanity accordingly.