• We are on a mission to identify and celebrate those who have gathered the courage to dare greatly.
  • Our premise is that in life our purposes are intertwined. We are the Domino Effect –except that with this Domino Effect we are raising one another up in courage.
  • Some reach out and touch purpose, daring greatly, yet others recoil in fear, circumventing vulnerability.
  • Our posit is that this very vulnerability renders tremendous achievement when purposefully channelled.


  • 10 projects will be shortlisted for acclaim.
  • An Evaluation Committee will further evaluate the top 3 of the shortlisted projects to identify the final winning project. Shortlisted projects and individuals will be celebrated.
  • We will roll out the red carpet for the finalists. Winners will be celebrated at a small gala dinner in May 2017.


  • The project must be ongoing and demonstrate originality, courage and valour on the part of the Founder of The Authenticity Project.
  • The project must positively impact no less than 20 lives.
  • The project must have a social impact.
  • The project must inspire change for good in others.
  • Entries open on July 1 2016 and close on February 13, 2017.


  • Submissions will be a short descriptive summary of an authentic project as per the criteria above. People may nominate a project using the same criteria.
  • Project summaries should include project objectives and content in no more than 450 words, and demonstrate how the project meets the four criteria above.
  • The summary should include details of project life span, project objectives, project outputs and project outcomes to date etc.
  • Submission should also include a descriptive summary in no more than 250 words demonstrating why The Authenticity Project should consider the project for acclaim. Applicants may also submit pictures and/or videos that gives more information about their Authentic Projects.


  • The top three final shortlist of projects will be supported with structured mentorship for a year by a member of the Committee of Jurists, and will be invited to a series of The Shift seminars hosted by the Founder of The Authenticity Project, Mo Issa.
  • The winning project will be further supported with a small cash prize towards their project.