third circleImagine rehearsing for a part in a drama. You would spend days perfecting yourself for this role. You would talk like this character, walk like this character, you would be like this character, except that you knew that this was only a façade, and would be needed for that day of action. Then on that day you move to the stage and give the audience a show of their life. After the play, you would breathe a huge sigh of relief. You would cast away this ‘mask’ and continue to live your normal life. However if you were to keep that mask on even after that imagine how you would feel. Not only would this inauthenticity feel uncomfortable, it would be exacting.

For Samuel Yeboah, being inauthentic is just not living the actual life one was created to live. It’s like following someone else’s course, and one does not end up achieving what he was brought in this world to do. As human beings, our destinies are connected to one another, and as such if one is to lead a life not meant for him, the person’s shift in course affects others, knowingly or unknowingly.

Samuel had the chance to further his education in the United States, and his skillset was especially honed by two top-notch companies. It was there that he realized with the right skills and opportunities, Africans could build first rate companies. His first two attempts at building his desired company was not successful and just around that time he was asked to join the previous institution where he worked as the Chief Operating Officer. With his passion for excellence and flair for building teams, he, together with the rest of his team, built an unrivalled company that garnered international attention and praise.

The company was basking in its well-deserved glory, and Samuel had never been more proud of his efforts. In the midst of this, he paused. He knew that this excellence he’d helped impart in the company could be transferred to other businesses. Other companies, he believed, could also operate with such matchless finesse. He also knew that he had to be the one to effect this change. His exit was quite unexpected, and his colleagues were saddened by the news.

However this was his calling, this was his purpose, and he knew that once he let the opportunity slip away, he might stick to his comfort zone and never reach out for the extraordinary to touch myriads of other businesses. He gracefully bowed out of the company, and after a period of self-discovery and planning, ServLed was born. ServLed was an idea whose time had come, and it had to be implemented at that point in time.

Authenticity, to Samuel is never-ending. One does not stop being authentic, because it’s a way of life. Being authentic means leaving the lifelines, daring greatly and following your course. It’s not an easy path to take, but it is always worth it. It is a continuous process of learning and acting upon what one has learned. Every single experience he passed through was shaping him for his future.

Indeed, Samuel Yeboah is the quintessential Authentic leader, and we are exceptionally honoured to represent him as one of our pioneering living examples.